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Boulevard Saint-Lazare and its surrounding area is currently being refurbished from Brussels city center up to Schaerbeek to restore the commercial link between the center and Rue de Brabant. This project is characterised by the development of the “Esplanade Saint-Lazare”, which will see catering additions, creation of terraces, reorganisation of access and the introduction of greenery in the streets and squares by the planting of trees.

Easy and fast access thanks to the exceptional accessibility by public transport and car

The city with 138 restaurants per square kilometers

The city with 138 restaurants per square kilometers

surrounded by awesome companies

no coincidence

We aim to replicate the look and feel of Botanic Tower to that of the neighbouring Botanic Garden of Brussels by incorporating its values of tranquillity, diversity and a stimulating environment.

The building is just a few moments away from the main shopping area of the capital, international hotels, restaurants, fitness centres, banks and universities. The works planned will improve the values of the Botanic Tower even further. Catering facilities will be added to the building with an urban jungle vibe and a seamless transition from Botanic building to Park

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