An extensive renovation of the reception area and a relocation of the main entrance will upgrade the ground floor


entrance & reception

Technological and social forces are transforming how we use office space and what it means to us. Botanic Tower not only invests in providing office space of the highest quality and latest standards, but ensures it does so in a sustainable way. Botanic Tower is undergoing an extensive renovation comprising the implementation of a new reception area, new outdoor terrace and green areas, as well as the relocation of the main entrance. People should not have to adapt to a new working environment. The environment should.

People should not have to adapt to a new working environment, the environment should.


hospitality / catering

Catering services will be incorporated inside the building. A Sip & Stay/Grab & Go concept on the ground floor will seamlessly integrate with the reception and lobby. It will offer breakfast, a healthy lunch and coffee during or after working hours.


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